Cans cost less to produce and weigh a lot less than glass bottles and that translates into lower shipping costs.



Want a cold drink faster?  Put it in a can!  Aluminum transfers heat much faster than glass.  Plus cans are able to be taken anywhere like pools and boats where outdoor activities are not best suited for bottles.  BTW….that’s almost anywhere that is not inside of someone’s home.



Brewers know that air and light kill the taste of beer faster than anything else. Unlike bottles, cans are air tight and light cannot penetrate aluminum.  The perception that canned beer has an aluminum taste comes from the days when the innovation of can liners was not yet being used.  Cans of today are coated inside with a liner, which protects the product from inheriting any foreign flavors or taste.  Cans are seamed shut with a double seal, unlike a bottle cap or cork.


Visual Appeal

Can art is only limited by your imagination.  Whether you prefer to use sleeved cans or bright cans with applied labels you can get just about anything you can think up on your cans.



Recycling is hugely important, and the #1 recycled product in the entire world is the aluminum can. Aluminum is the only product that can be recycled over and over with a near 100% recovery.  Most cans are almost 50% recycled material.




Cans stack closer together and are much easier to store than bottles.  If you drop one it probably won’t break and if it does you definitely won’t be sweeping up shards for weeks on end.  You will be able to store more and keep more inventories on hand. Retail displays require less space and allow you to show more of your product.