Step 1

You make a reservation with us either by the website or by phone.  We have you do a minor amount paperwork if it’s your first time with us.

Step 2.png

Step 2

Ideal Canning rolls onsite and unpacks our equipment right on fermenter row.  We need direct access to your floor drains.



Step 3

We clean and sanitize every part of our equipment that will either touch the beer or the cans.  We will meet your cleaning standards if ours is not to your satisfaction.


Step 4

All connections are made and the canning process starts.


Step 5

We constantly monitor all operations to ensure that cans are filled and ends are sealed according to manufacturer’s specifications.  Quality is our highest priority..



Step 6

We wash down the canning line, pack it up and now your beer is in cans.  How AWESOME is that!?

Step 6.png